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Pipistrel Aircraft Owners Area - Safety Alerts andService bullitens below

It is really important we stay in contact with owners and new purchasers of second-hand aircraft should Pipistrel need to make contact with you in emergencies or for other airworthiness issues.

Please register your details here and update the details as they change... eg. you move house etc.

If you sell an aircraft to a new owner please make sure to direct them to this page so we have accurate and current records. Thanks.


Service Bulletins, Online Updates and Service Instructions

All service bulletins, online updates and service instructions are available through the main Pipistrel website owners area.

Online updates, service notice tracking
To log into the Owner’s section, receive relevant updates and information relevant to Service,  Airworthiness etc.. go to: and log in the top right corner of the page with:

Username: owner1

Password: ab2008

This will give you access to all the information you need for the continued safe operation of your aircraft.

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