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Welcome to Newsletter 68 - April 2012

There has been just so much happening in the last eight weeks at Pipistrel that it is hard to keep up with all of the information. This newsletter comes only days after newsletter 67 so my apologies with the rapid release but there is just so much happening at the moment.

Introducing the new Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer aircraft.

The new Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer has been released in May 2012 by Pipistrel. It is a fantastic aircraft in so many ways and I am sure it will find a very solid position in the market and become one of the best sellers for Pipistrel.

Rather than cram everything into this newsletter I am adding links below to take you off to all of the interesting information so you can become familiar with this exciting new aircraft and dont forget to check out the movies!

Download the latest Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer Information Pack
Download the Pipistrel ALPHA Flight Test Review
Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer LSA Pilot Operating Handbook
Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer LSA Maintenance Manual
Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer Promo Video
Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer Basic Flight Test Review
Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer home page

Enjoy and as always any questions please dont hesitate to contact me for information.

Safe flying, Michael Coates

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