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    Sinus - Overview
LSA Accepted    
  • 49' 1½" wingspan
  • Glide ratio 30:1
  • 110 to 115 knot cruise with the 80hp Rotax 912
  • 3.1gph at 110 knots
  • Available in tail dragger or nosewheel configuration
  • Up to 7.5 hours endurance
  • Perfect for thermaling or slope soaring
  • Comfortable touring aircraft
  • Automatically feathering propeller
  • Large luggage capacity with external access option

Please note: Speed performance is restricted and the in flight adjustable propeller disabled to comply with LSA category requirements. The propeller can feather when the engine is stopped.

The Sinus motorglider is a strutless 49' 1½" wing span motorglider, powered by the 80hp Rotax 912 4-stroke engine and available as a ready-to-fly LSA aircraft or as a kit in either the LSA or experimental categories.

The Sinus is equipped with positive and negative flaperons, airbrakes and tail wheel (optional nosewheel). It is manufactured from hi-tech epoxy resin, fibreglass, carbon and kevlar composites. The airfoil used on the wings is IMD 029-b (Orlando, Venuti).

The cabin is properly insulated from noise and very comfortable for even those long flights. The seats are ergonomic with an adjustable head rest. Both the pilot and passenger pedals have differential toe brakes fitted. The pedals are adjustable forward and aft in flight and are manufactured from stainless steel. All controls are easy to use and reach from both seats and dual pedals and sticks mean the aircraft can be flown from either seat. The wing tanks have the fuel cap on top, as well as a visual check within the cockpit for the fuel level. The standard capacity is 16 gallons with a long range option increasing the capacity to around 26 gallons.

The main landing gear is aerodynamically profiled and made of composite materials. The main wheels have strong hydraulic disk brakes and the tail wheel or nosewheel option is directly controlled by the pedals. The airbrakes on top of the wing allow landing the Sinus in very short distances over high obstacles.

The Sinus assembly is very simple, just like conventional gliders, and the wing control connections are automatically locked on connection of the wings. It takes most owners about 20 minutes to rig or de-rig the aircraft.

The Sinus 912 is our most popular aircraft and It uses the legendary 80 hp Rotax 912, 4 cylinder 4-stroke engine (now with a 2000 TBO) which allows the Sinus to become a 'super sophisticated' motorglider just like the 'real ones' but at a 1/3 of the price. If you want to spoil yourself and your passenger, the Rotax 912 is the engine of choice for the vast distances we travel in the USA.

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