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    APIS - Technical Specifications
LSA Accepted    
  • 49' 1½" wingspan
  • Glide ratio 40:1
  • Hirth F33BS engine
  • 5 gallons fuel capacity
  • 265 pounds payload
  • Engine on climb > 600fpm
  • Min sink speed 45knots
  • Retractable UC option
  • Stearable tail wheel
  • Competitive pricing

Basic Information

APIS Engine. Hirth F33BS
Wing Span 49.10 ft
Length 20.4 ft
Wing Area 131.75 ft2
Aspect Ratio 18.35
positive flap deflection (down) 0°, 5°,10°
negative flap deflection (up) -5°, -7°
centre of gravity (MAC) 29 % - 42 %

Weights and centre of gravity

APIS Engine. Hirth F33BS
Empty weight 473 lbs
Max. take-off mass (MTOM) 770 lbs
Fuel capacity 1 x 5.3 gal
Useful fuel (in flight attitudes) 1 x 5.3 gal
Baggage load (typical, depends on actual aircraft configuration, instruments etc.) The APIS is a glider and there is no dedicated baggage space. Small items can be carried in the side pockets and at the seat sides.
Centre of gravity (MAC) 29% - 42%

Design loads

+5.3 G, -2.65 G at Va

+4.0 G, -2.0   G at VNE

Typical CS-22 manoeuvre envelope.

Design and tested safety factory minimum 1.875!

3 View Drawing and Dimensions


Data published here is for take-off mass of 770 pounds, ISA conditions, sea level.

APIS with Hirth F33BS Engine
VS0 (stall with full flaps) 31 knots
VS1 (stall in clean configuration) 33 knots
Max. speed for spoiler extension 119 knots
VFE +5° 63 knots
VFE +10° 54 knots
Manoeuvring velocity Va 78 knots
Rough air speed Vb (gusts 15 m/s) 78 knots
Max. speed in aerotow 71 knots
Vx – speed for best angle of climb 42 knots
Vy – speed for best climb rate 45 knots
Max. climb rate MTOM 660 fpm
Minimum sink speed 45 knots
Minimum sink rate 120 fpm
Max. sink with spoilers extended 920 fpm
Best L/D speed 51 knots
Best L/D ratio 40:1
Glide ratio at 150 km/h (80 knots) 27:1
Takeoff runway length at MTOM 450 ft
Takeoff length over 15 m obstacle 800 ft
45°-45° roll time 3.5 seconds @ 54 knots

APIS Polar

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